Friday, 18 November 2016

Hike Messenger adds new features - Stories, Camera and Live Filters

Hike Messenger, India’s first home-grown messaging platform, has updated three new features on its messaging app for India. These three features are – Stories, Camera & Live Filters.
 Stories is a new way for people on Hike to share their lives and real moments with their friends through photos and videos. These stories vanish  48 hours after being posted, quite like real life where everyday moments are experienced and are not carved in history forever.  In the Story feature, a user can see how many people and who all have viewed that particular story, unlike the Loves that was featured on Timeline feature.

Hike also launched its own  built-in camera into the app for easiness of the user. It also announced the Live Filters feature that uses Hike's camera to automatically detect and recognise a user's face using machine learning. Hike has 12 Live filters available at launch, including one that changes a user's face to that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hike's Live Filters ranging from a cool Black and White Sunglasses to a Turban and a Moustache and much more. Hike plans to update these filters on a weekly basis to ensure users have new content according to the season and festivals.

 You can download the latest version of Hike to try it out from here:
the hike also launched its own built-in camera into the app - See more at